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Do your drapes need cleaning?...Or your fabric verticles?...Or your pleated shades? Have you been told that your window coverings "can't be cleaned"? Are you afraid to take your draperies to the cleaners, sign a waiver and possibly end up with shrunken or damaged drapes?

With the On-Site process we are able to dry clean your window treatments right in place and have your rooms back in use the same day. Bolted-in top treatments, balloons, swags, valances, fabric vertical blinds, pleated shades and more are all cleaned easily and efficiently by the On-Site method. Our system is endorsed by Hunter-Douglas Window Treatments, which is the largest company in the U.S for window coverings.


Today's window treatments are so varied in style, fabrics, and construction that conventional wetcleaning or drycleaning is not always possible. On-site drapery cleaning is an innovative process that permits cleaning at the customer's home or place of business. On-site cleaning also offers an option to customers in situations where drapes are too difficult to move, such as in theaters or ballrooms. With the on-site systems used today, it is also possible to apply or reapply flame retardant and other types of finishes.





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